Our Story

December Wolf is a contemporary sportswear brand founded in September 2018 in the United Kingdom. The Brand today is a manufacturer and Online retailer offering delivery worldwide, as-well as being featured in selected Energise Fitness Gyms.

December Wolf is a symbol of integrity, honour, character, discipline, belief, due diligence, and sweat equity.  While the wolf represents the free spirit, unrestricted by the man-made concepts such as limits - or boundaries.  Always willing to put in the work, where and whenever required.  To strive everyday to become the best possible version of ourselves.  This mentality fuelled alongside an entrepreneurial drive resulted in the incorporation of our very own clothing brand.

There was a thrill about developing something, that was genuinely wanted by people both known and unknown to ourselves that made us want to develop a brand that meant something to us.

December Wolf today features a Classic & Wolf Ambition Range, and offers worldwide shipping


December Wolf Is Led By:

Saqib Sadiq –  Founder & Creative Director
Umar Siddique – Strategic & Technical Director
Waseem Sadiq – Sales & Stock Monitoring
Usman Khan – Market Research 
Matthew Dillon – Group Producer