5 W.A Laws to Boost Productivity

#1 Wake up at 4/5am - you are essentially giving yourself an additional 21 hours of productivity at minimum over a weekly course of events.

#2 Life ain’t about waiting for the storm to pass - it’s about learning how to dance in the rain - stop waiting for the perfect conditions to arise before launching your next project, today is the day - today can be the only day. 

#3 Stop saying yes to every request to fulfil that desire of being liked. This will kill your productivity, prioritise your goals first. Set daily/weekly/monthly targets - the average person overestimates what he can do in a day & underestimate what he can do in a year.

#4 Workout - The minds only tool is the body, a healthy body is a healthy mind. Exercising releases endorphins - that natural high & feel good factor, keeping you focused, disciplined and motivated.

#5 Keep Learning - whether that be taking up additional degree programmes, professional qualifications or continuing to read as much has you can and as often as you can. This will allow you to widen your imagination and increase your mental edge.

“Your imagination is a preview of your life’s coming attractions and if you can’t imagine what it’s going to be.. Don’t ever expect to physically look & see it” - Greg Plitt


Saqib Sadiq
Founder, December Wolf Clothing 

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  • Sick post – keep them coming !

    Ali Saeed

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